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Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) usage in oil and gas production has revolutionized the industry in terms of providing appropriate metallurgical solutions to address challenging applications where carbon steel is not a valid solution. Considering the range in functionality and cost differential between the various CRA grades, it is essential to have a trustworthy method for material selection. With over 20 years of industrial use, SOCRATES® has become the leading CRA selection tool in the oil and gas industry.
SOCRATES® is a comprehensive material selection tool that provides access to the material decision logic of a domain expert, containing significant Joint Industry Program (JIP) data, as well as pooled experience and expertise from a distinguished group of operating companies, equipment manufacturers and CRA material suppliers.

Recognizing the need to help with the complex tasks involved with CRA selection, SOCRATES® aids in making decisions related to the evaluation of different CRA materials in oil and gas production environments based on laboratory testing, extensive field experience, proprietary JIP data, and the latest NACE MR0175/ISO15156 regulations.

As a service to our customers, Hamilton Metals, LLC. will conduct an evaluation of your specific well environmental conditions using the proprietary SOCRATES® computer program. To utilize this free service, please complete a SOCRATES® questionnaire. Typically, we will have a completed analysis returned to you within one or two working days. We can also run multiple reports to simulate various environmental conditions you think you might encounter in your well. The SOCRATES® materials analysis report, combined with your field experience, the life expectancy of the well and other relevant factors, can assist you in making the best choice of material grade for your production tubing. This choice can result in the lowest lifetime cost and highest potential return on investment for your well.
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