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Quality Statement
Hamilton Metals, LLC. offers the highest quality products in the world! The Quality Management Team performs audits and tracks performance of all of our vendors so we ensure they meet our customers’ quality requirements. All Hamilton Metals, LLC. personnel are trained in their specific job duties with an emphasis on safety and customer service, and our quality systems and processes are under continuous improvement. Our goal: Hamilton Metals, LLC. is committed to providing the most comprehensive inventory for today’s worldwide marketplace and provide the highest quality product delivered exactly when required! AAS
Quality You Expect
At Hamilton Metals, LLC., quality is a way of life. Attention to detail is key in all aspects of our environment. Starting with a quality system that is based on ISO 9001:2015 and continuing with a quality department that is over 10% of the total company workforce, we are dedicated to supplying the customer with the product quality that is expected and demanded in this industry.
All orders & materials are reviewed by our Quality Representatives for accuracy & completeness. Customer purchase orders are compared to the Hamilton sales order and the material certifications for every order.
Quality Control
All orders are thoroughly inspected at each stage in our process by our qualified inspection personnel. Material shipment is based on final acceptance by our trained Quality Inspectors.
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